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my story

I am Brit, mother of three and self-taught sourdough baker.

Forever and always, I have had a deep ingrained love of food (who doesn't, right?! Its a basic human need!

Surrounded by many family members who knew how to take ordinary ingredients, and transform them into the extraordinary, I grew up with amazing food experiences that nourished my senses and satisfied my soul. 

My Grandad was a certified bread baker! I have been even gifted some of his baking tools. My Granny was a head chef, and always created the most amazing birthday cakes for us each year. My Dad cooks the best meat and has a natural flair with food. My Nana and Mum have always had a knack with flour based products, Nana makes the best scones, and Mum's cinnamon scrolls are next level! My Nana has forever shared, and still does today, her knowledge around food for wellness. 

I am very grateful to be surrounded by this knowledge and experiences growing up, guiding me to where I am today. I hope to pass on my love and knowledge of food to my own children, as well as the wider community.

I love integrating my knowledge of food for wellness alongside creative experimentation in the kitchen, creating delicious meals and treats with a creative flair. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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flourbro's story

FlourBro's starter "Breddie" was born at the start of lockdown, March 2020, by my daughter Kate and myself. Caring for this baby has been the most extraordinary journey. What started out as a lockdown hobby, soon turned in to a strong passion, and now, I get to share my love of good bread with the amazing humans of Southland, transforming this love into a career, and adding a staple wheat product, that is better for our bodies, to the amazing community in the South! 

FlourBro was born out of the desire to eat well to nourish our mind, body and soul. We get three chances a day to nourish our body with energy, make the most of it, right?!

My sourdough is an experience in itself, inspiring a culture of love, wellness + community.

Baking is essentially a way to express love, the most powerful feeling in the world. A loaf of bread starts in a field, in the earth. It starts with wind, rain, and sun. Elements of the earth.

one loaf, one dough, let's get together and eat alright  

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Super markets

Air New Zealand

Kia Ora Magazine

Reasons for shopping local are many. We round up some of the country’s

best places to seek out fresh produce and artisan goods.

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Sourdough baker to deepen her craft with Scott Richardson scholarship

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Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 11.45_edited.jpg

HW Richardson Group takes Supreme Award at the 2023 Southland Business Excellence Awards

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